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Maximise Business Awards

The Maximise Business Awards are the highlight of our year! It is the time when we recognise and celebrate the best businesses in the country. Award winners enjoy being recognised in the business community and not only receive an award that they can display in their workplace but also receive a badge to display on their website and print material so that world can see that they are an award winning business. Nominations close on 1st November.

Winners are not selected through voting alone but by each sponsor’s thorough investigation. Find out more about the benefits of sponsoring an award here.

“Introducing you to the best businesses in the country.”

Business of the year

The Business of the Year is the ultimate acknowledgement of a job well done. Nominate this business if you recognise something truly impressive about them or can testify to the outstanding quality job that they have done not only in building their business but also building up the community around them as they forge ahead.

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Truly Tailored Recruitment Ltd

We have a real passion for the services we offer and have nearly 50 years combined experience in the recruitment industry. We bring together clients and candidates offering a friendly and trouble free service in temporary, permanent and contract solutions in Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas.

You are an expert in your field and we are experts in ours… so let us use our experience and expertise to bring you together with the right candidate or employer.

Think of us as an extension of your business, one of the team. By engaging Truly Tailored Recruitment to help you with your recruitment needs, we will gain an understanding of your business, your industry and the skills and personality required to fill your vacancy.

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly yet professional service to both clients and candidates alike and believe in our ability to bring the right people together!

Candidate Solutions

We spend time getting to know your company and requirements before filling your employment needs. By building this rapport between our businesses we can profile the right candidates at the right time!

The bit we love

We love recruitment! It’s what we do! We get to know each and every single candidate and employer to ensure we get that perfect employment match! Think of us as Job Cupids!

It’s all about you!

We want to be your “go to” people for recruitment. A Specialist Consultant will be dedicated to you and will ensure that we fill your vacancy within an agreed timescale.



Business Mum or Dad of the Year

The business mum or dad of the year is to be admired as they have learned how to juggle being a parent and running a business. Nominate this person if you see that they have not only successfully managed to build a business this year, but also successfully built a family.

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Best New Business of the Year

This award will go to someone who has been in business for eighteen months or less. They are in the difficult stage and may not even be profitable yet. They have been nominated because they are doing a great job of sticking at it, offering a quality product or service and are really doing their best to make their business work.

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Active Business Person of the Year

This person is working at being an active business person. They recognise that it’s important to take care of thier health as thier business will suffer if they are not healthy. Not only do they work at being active but also encourage others to do so too.

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Young Entrepreneur of the Year

This award goes to a person under 28 years old who has started their business from scratch. They are young but already showing signs of going places in the business world with their innovative business and fantastic attitude.

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Mature Business Person of the Year

Our mature business person is no spring chicken and is rather experienced in life and still going strong! They are not only mature in age but also in their attitude. Their business is relatively new but starting later in life has not put them off. Such a person deserves our admiration and applause.

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Excellence in Business

Some people simply stand out above the rest! There is something about them that can only be described as excellent. Our excellence award goes to such a person, one who goes the extra mile, makes the extra effort and does everything with excellence.

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Creative Business of the Year 

The creative business of the year is not only for businesses in a creative field but can also be for someone who has displayed particular creativity in building their business. Creativity is essential in any business and we want to celebrate the people who have shown the most creativity this year.

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Speaker of the Year

Our speakers are a very important part of the Women’s Business Club – their wisdom and expertise is a part of what makes our clubs stand out. These people invest in us and help us take our businesses further faster. We are so grateful for them and want to honour then for a job well done. *We will accept non-members for this award..

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Venue of the Year

We are so grateful for the quality that many of the venues that our clubs use across the country to meet in. Tasty food, excellent service and going above and beyond will quality your venue for this prestigious award.

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Product of the Year

We are always so impressed with how many great ideas are popping up through our business network these days. Nominate this product if it is truly unique and of a high standard and quality.

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Intern of the Year 

At the Women’s Business Club we love to support students and we do so through our internship programme. Each intern gets entered automatically and is scored by Angela De Souza based on their performance, outcomes, creativity and attitude. We are proud to introduce this year’s nominees to you.

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Leader of the Year 

This award goes specifically to a student or graduate of the Leaders Academy. Having studied and practised the principles learned at the academy, this person has stood out from the crowd. They understand that leadership is often serving and with much power comes great responsibility.

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Employer of the Year 

Building a business is one thing but building a happy team is another.  Nominate your employer for this award if they truly are exceptional and you can acknowledge that they have intentionally worked at being an excellent employer to their staff.

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