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Maximise Live TV Advert


Maximise Live TV Advert


30 second advert @ £650 per show

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What do I get?
An ad spot is a 30 second video advert which features during the Maximise Live show.
This can be for a specific product or service or a more generalised brand advertisement.
Each advertiser who purchases an ad spot will also be thanked at the end of the show.

What do I need?

  • If you already have a 30 second video (or the facilities to create one – provided it meets
    our quality standards) then great! You will just need to provide us with the full resolution
    video clip at least 10 days before the show is due to air.
  • If you already have a video which is longer than 30 seconds we can provide an editing
    service to get this down to the right length. There is a small fee for this but you will also
    get to keep the newly edited clip. (£100)
  • If you don’t have any video at all there are two options:
    Option 1 – Provide us with photos and videos and we will create a video montage
    adding music and recording a Voiceover to go with it. (£200)
    Option 2 – We can create your ad from scratch – we will visit your location and
    collaborate with you to create a bespoke 30 second advert. This can include
    interview, footage of your products or footage of your services being used (£350).
    As an added bonus you will also be able to keep this film for use on your own
    website or in future episodes of Maximise Live**

How many advertisers will feature per show?
We want our advertisers to get the most out of their investment so limit the amount of ad
spots per show to no more than 8 separate advertisers.

At what point will my ad appear in the show?
Your placement in the show will be targeted to gain the most impact out of your advert
(for example if your business is related to retail and clothing, your advert will most likely
appear alongside the Maximise Fashion section).

Can I purchase more than one ad spot?
Yes you can! You can either combine these to facilitate an ad spot of over 30 seconds or
use them separately so that your brand is featured more than once during the show. We
will schedule these ad spots as far away from each other as possible to maximise their
**All filming will be completed immediately following an initial planning meeting at your location.