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Speakers Nov 2016 Event


Business women from all over the UK gather for a day of business networking, exhibiting, inspiring talks and a chance to explore some of their business needs. Spend a day working on your business and not in it – you and your business deserve it! Check out our speakers below.

“Connecting, supporting & empowering business women.”

Siobhan Freegard OBE

Siobhan is an entrepreneur and parenting commentator. She founded her first business, Netmums, in 2000 and grew it to become the biggest parenting website in the UK with a unique network of 151 local websites and 300 national groups for mums to meet offline, alongside 2,300 parent bloggers and over 8 million unique users each month.  Siobhan is the author of the book How to be a Happy Mum, published by Headline. Headline published six other Netmums parenting books under Siobhan’s guidance. In 2011 Siobhan and her co-founders sold Netmums to Axel Springer-owned French women’s publisher Aufeminin but she remained as Managing Director. In March 2014 Freegard estimated that the business was worth £50 million. In September 2014 Siobhan stepped down as Managing Director to start a new content company for mums, called Channel Mum.

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Angela de Souza

Angela is the founder and director of the fast growing national network of executives and entrepreneurs, the Women’s Business Club.  She is a passionate entrepreneur, mother of four beautiful children, one grandchild, speaker, author and  business woman.  Born in West Sussex, she spent all of her childhood in South Africa and now lives in Cheltenham with her Brazilian husband, Eric. Her years of business and life experience means that she can offer both entertaining but also valuable business talks. You are guaranteed to be inspired to be more, to get ahead of your competitors and to enjoy your life in the process.

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Sara Tye

Sara Tye is an award winning, top 500 international PR, business and organisational development expert and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder and managing director of redheadPR and CEO of Etape Suisse. Sara also has a multimillion-pound property portfolio in and outside London. Voted ‘Green PR of London’ by the Evening Standard, Sara is a passionate and motivational speaker, writer, coach, mentor and trainer. A keen networker, Sara is a top BNI member and Director Consultant in the UK. Sara has over 20 years of communications expertise and was a finalist in the first Cosmopolitan Women of the Year Awards in 1999. She played a key role in the implementation of the BT’s environmental policy and the development and management of the philanthropic Best Practice process at Yellow Pages.

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Andy Gwynn

I have been coaching Business Owners, Franchisors & Professionals to grow their businesses since 2003.. For the last four years I have been coaching my clients & running workshops on how to generate more business through their use of Linkedin. I am now Franchising & Licensing the Linkedin Training and Coaching side of our business. For 7 Years I was with a global Business Coaching Franchise. As one of their Top 10 Coaches, I was paid to coach & train their Franchisees in Business growth. I have coached numerous other Franchisors to grow their businesses. Outside of work I am a keen motorcyclist & scuba diver.

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Jennifer Hall

Hi I’m Jen, The Life Buddy. Business Creation Coach, Mindset Master and Fear Fixer! I help ‘hungry for more’ women create the life they want, be who’ve they’ve always wanted to be in a business that is a true reflection of themselves. Do you have goals? Where are they? – In a drawer somewhere, on a pad, in your head? Do you even like goals? At times, do you find yourself lost on your journey and demotivated? I’m an expert in helping business women create from their true, authentic self and saying ‘balls’ to what anyone has to say about that! I’m all about nurturing ourselves and stepping into our power and true purpose, because when we do that we give others permission to do the same. When we work from a place of truth, we can offer our most wonderful gifts and only then can we serve others in the most fulfilling way. Learn how to create goals that ‘mean’ something and stay motivated on the journey toward them!

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Billal Jamil

Billal Jamil is an internationally acclaimed Professional Speaker, Executive Coach, Master Trainer, NLP practioner and Author. His portfolio of clients include; high profile TED Speakers, Royal Family, Politicians, Sports and Media personalities. He has shared his expertise on the BBC, Radio 4 and SkyTV.

Areas of Specialism:

1. Public Speaking and Presentation (basic – professional speaker) 2. Assertiveness and Confidence Training 3. Influence and Persuasion 4. Negotiation 5. Leadership and Management training

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