From Russia with Love

Makeup and hair styling

Lifting up your mood by creating the right look for you

At “From Russia with Love” we believe that women who look great, feel fabulous. The way a woman looks affects her mood. That is why our priority is to lift your mood by creating the right look for you.

We specialise in creating beautiful make overs and hairstyles that will enhance the natural beauty of our clients. You will not be plastered with makeup, we will not apply huge plastic looking eyelashes, we will not cover you all over with bronzer, or draw funny eyebrows… Our style is to create naturally beautiful but sophisticated makeup.

Our team is qualified to use a wide range of makeup application techniques such as: powdered, gel, cream, aqua colour and air brush. We may combine techniques to deliver you result you are looking for.

Our founder is Nadezhda Hardiman a makeup artist, hair stylist and skin care specialist who started her career in the beauty industry in 2006. Originally from Russia she grew up in a culture where beautifying is not a treat reserved for special occasions, but is part of everyday life.