PensionBee, making pensions simple.

PensionBee is an online pension manager that brings old pensions into one plan in a straightforward way. Customers can manage their pension like they manage their bank account; they can look at their live balance, make contributions online and use a smart calculator to plan their saving. PensionBee does this by using technology every step of the way. Since launching in 2016 PensionBee has attracted more than 100,000 signups and combined the pensions of close to 20,000 customers, managing over 250m in AUM. (July 2018).

By focusing on ease, full transparency on fees and jargon-free communication, PensionBee has been able to demystify pensions and appeal to people across the age spectrum. As Forbes recently summarised: “PensionBee cracked the pension sector and got the fintech world buzzing.”

The founders: Romi and Jonathan

PensionBee was founded in 2014 by our CEO Romi Savova and CTO Jonathan Lister Parsons, after Romi struggled to switch pension provider on traditional platforms. Since then, we have grown into a talented and diverse team who are passionate to make pensions better for everyone.

“We started PensionBee to make pensions simple. Combining various pensions into one new pension can be hard. It involves a lot of paperwork and it’s quicker to fly to Mars than to transfer a pension pot! We solve that problem in under 5 minutes. You can combine your pensions online and keep track of your pot on our app or any device you like. It always gives me such a boost when I read the feedback from our customers who tell me they are finally in control of their retirement.”