Angela De Souza

Angela De Souza

Connecting, supporting and empowering the UK's businesswomen

Angela is the founder and director of the fast-growing national network of executives and entrepreneurs, the Women’s Business Club. She is a passionate entrepreneur, mother of four beautiful children, one grandchild, speaker, author and business woman. Born in West Sussex, she spent all of her childhood in South Africa and now lives in Cheltenham with her Brazilian husband, Eric. Her years of business and life experience means that she can offer both entertaining but also valuable business talks. You are guaranteed to be inspired to be more, to get ahead of your competitors and to enjoy your life in the process.

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Awards Ceremony

Main Stage

The Women’s Business Awards are the highlight of our year! It is the time when we recognise and celebrate the best businesses in the country. Award winners enjoy being recognised in the business community and not only receive an award that they can display in their workplace but also receive a badge to display on […]