Delia Zanatta

Delia Zanatta

Changing the world of talent and careers

Founder and Co-CEO, Optunli

Building on a successful career in sales and management consulting, strategy, transformation and operations across a broad range of sectors, Delia is now collaborating with her business partner, Teresa Fox, and the talented Optunli team, to transform the relationship between organisations (employer) and individuals (employee), in terms of talent engagement, self-motivation, productivity and business performance.

“I am passionate about putting the control back into the hands of businesses and individuals, so that they can work and interact with each other in a much more effective way.” – Delia Zanatta, February 2018


Optunli is a software platform that helps organisations change the way they understand, plan and engage their current and future workforce; and helps professionals build and manage their careers.

Powered by a ground breaking approach to AI, Optunli enables the individual to represent the totality of who they are and what they wish to achieve, their preferences and priorities. This, in turn, provides organisations with unprecedented insight that informs selection processes as well as planning processes, eliminates bias from the match and supports organisations in their Diversity and Inclusion agendas.

Organisations using Optunli can benefit from a dramatic impact on internal mobility, reduced attrition, a self-motivated workforce, increased engagement and productivity, as well as greater insight and speed in planning decisions, and competitiveness.

If your people matter, you need to use Optunli.

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