Delia Zanatta

Delia Zanatta

Changing the world of talent and careers

Founder and Co-CEO, Optunli

What if you could see, understand and engage with all the talent you need for your business without the need for middlemen or complex systems?

Building on a successful career in sales and management consulting, strategy, transformation and operations across a broad range of sectors, I am now working with my business partner Teresa Fox and our talented team to build cloud-based, AI-enabled solutions that are set to transform the relationship between businesses and individuals.

Businesses succeed when they have the right people, in the right positions, doing the right things, with the right levels of motivation. But to achieve this, businesses need to be able to see, understand and engage with all of the talent available to them, without being hampered by middlemen or complex systems and processes.

Individuals succeed when they are in control of their career, can explain – not just what they have done in the past – but also what they want and need for the future, and can see, explore and directly access all of the options and opportunities available to them.

I am passionate about putting the control back into the hands of businesses and individuals, so that they can work and interact with each other in a much more natural and unhindered way.

“Control your own destiny, or someone else will” – Jack Welch

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