Julia Stock

Julia Stock

I can help your business fly

I was the Managing Director of a family run business for over ten years. My background is in running a training company, so I have excellent people management and HR experience. Many people say their people are their biggest resource, but in my case they were my ONLY resource – as well as some amazing IT systems which I helped to design and build, so giving our fabaulous staff the data insights and slick processes they needed to do a great job. This is what I can bring to any company that I advise. I know what it looks like, feels like, and smells like to be the boss. And having got the T shirt, I am in a great position to help you find your own way to fly. Because some days being in charge is awesome.

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Apprenticeships – Pile of overcomplicated rubbish or genius way to rocket propel your business? Apprenticeships have a really bad press, rip off wages, disgruntled spotty teenagers, boring subjects, appalling providers, tons of Government bureaucracy. And with that press – why would you want to get involved? They are only for big companies aren’t they? Fresh […]