Leon Streete

Leon Streete

Helping you gain more leads, clients & cash on demand

Leon Streete is known as the “Lead Generation Coach” and Founder of Business Owner Elevation, a company formed to help businesses create 6-7 figure marketing campaigns. Are you a Coach or Consultant – stuck with the often miss-understood subject of “Marketing?” You’re not alone.

This is where Leon will help you. “I break down all of the things that work and the tactics that don’t. I remove the hype around the big social media platforms and show you the drop dead simple strategic approach so you can create wildly successful marketing campaigns consistently.

My passion is marketing, born out of my ability to communicate with people, and it’s through this skill that I’ve crafted in my 20+ year career that I regularly create content for my community and interview top entrepreneurs as an Award Winning Podcast host.

People often ask what is it that I do for my clients?

Whether you’re a non-techie, you don’t understand marketing strategy, you’ve been burnt or let down in the past by marketers or you like to “do-it-yourself”, but this drains you of time…

My client soon come to understand that my ability to look forward through their vision – where I am able to innovate, create ideas and strategies that deliver against solid experience, proven methods all with a focus on results and transformation during the coaching process.

If you’re wondering what Leon has to say is for you, answer this question – would you like more leads, clients and cash by being the trusted “go-to” expert in your niche? Let me save you the time thinking – “YES, let’s go do this!”

More info: www.businessownerelevation.com

Five figures a month is what I’m worth and five figures a month is what I’ll get paid. Leon Streete is AMAZING!! If you aren’t getting paid your value, and have an opportunity to work with him, do it.” Christy Rutherford – Women’s Leadership Coach

He gave huge value, easy to apply marketing tips, and answered challenges in a way that left the whole room in no doubt that he was an expert on his subject.” David Hyner – Motivational Speaker

Leon also took the time to speak to me one on one after the talk and it was lovely to meet someone who was genuinely interested in what I was doing rather than to sell me something!” Zara Fatania – Social Media and Digital Marketing Executive

I feel like I know where I am going now and don’t have to spend hours doing things that then don’t get me anywhere. Thank you Leon” Kristine Moller – Post Relationship Coach

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