Rosemary Cunningham

Rosemary Cunningham

Money Marketing and Soul Coach for Therapists & Entrepreneurial Women

Rosemary specialises in helping female therapists and coaches attract more of their ideal clients and make great money doing what you love. She helps women to be powerful around money and clear any blocks that are stopping us from moving forward and being as successful as we can be! Her method involved first working on their money mindset, using Sacred Money Archetypes and offers one to one and group coaching.

Rosemary is a qualified nurse and has practiced in complementary medicine since 1992 running a busy practice in Essex. She now sees a few clients each week, practicing Bowen Technique and Reflexology and focuses the rest of her time on coaching other coaches and therapists.

Talk 2 – Rosemary Cunningham: Women and Wealth

East Room

When it comes to money, would you like to take your income to another level but something always stops you? Are you ready to earn more but struggle to ask for what you’re worth? Would you like to make more money but maybe you’re scared that if your business was bigger you wouldn’t be able […]