Why Sponsoring Business Awards Pays

Put your brand ‘on the map’ by becoming an award sponsor! Female entrepreneurship is on the rise and is one of the back backbones of the British economy. In 2017 the Independent claimed that Women hold the key to UK economy unlocking extra £10.1bn? It’s incredible how much of an impact businesswomen are having on the economy these days and it is essential they get the support and recognition that they deserve, which is the first and best reason to sponsor an award.

However, most businesses need sponsorship to make economic sense too and so let’s take a look at how sponsoring an award is an investment with a clear return. A savvy businessperson will understand the immense value that comes from being associated with an award and how this position elevates them above their competitors making their business a familiar name within the community. On average sponsors of business awards achieve over 300% ROI along with significant media value and brand benefits.

Sponsorship Categories:

Main sponsorship for the entire conference is available at £2,500.
Award sponsorship opportunities are available for each category at £1,000 per category and £2,500 for the Business Woman of the Year. Learn more…
Dragoness Den main sponsorship is £2,500 and the sponsor is always invited to participate as a judge should they wish. Learn more…
Fashion Show headline sponsorship is £2,500 and we will support this sponsor by hosting a VIP event at their premises in the lead up to Maximise. Learn more…

Sponsors will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Main sponsor will be featured the main conference page.
  • Main sponsor logo will be on all promotional material both print and electronic.
  • Main awards sponsor will be featured the awards page.
  • Main awards sponsor will be featured on all Maximise Business Awards mailouts
  • Category sponsors will be featured on the awards page.
  • Category sponsors logo will appear next to their chosen category wherever it is mentioned.
  • All sponsors will present the award at the awards ceremony
  • All sponsors have an opportunity to present their business to the audience at the awards ceremony.

Awards categories:

  1. Business Woman of the Year
  2. Business Mum of the Year
  3. Excellence in Business
  4. Best New Business of the Year
  5. Active Business Woman of the Year
  6. Creative Business of the Year
  7. Employer of the Year
  8. Speaker of the Year
  9. Employee of the Year
  10. Leader of the Year/Co Leader of the Year
  11. Venue of the Year
  12. Product of the Year
  13. Inspiring Business Woman of the Year
  14. Man of the Year

How Sponsoring will help your Company

  • You can reach thousands of business owners across our website and social media sites.
  • You will gain tremendous coverage and publicity.
  • You will strengthen your brand with the integrity and visibility of our awards event.
  • You will present your chosen award at our awards ceremony in December.
  • You will benefit from the press coverage generated.

What’s included in your sponsorship package:
Businesses supporting the awards will benefit from a highly cost-effective and targeted form of promotion and visibility, prior to, during and after the event.

  • Sponsorship of one award category or the main category – Business Woman of the Year.
  • Presentation of your award to the winner on the main stage at the awards ceremony
  • Photographs with the winner for use in the post-show PR
  • Photographs will be distributed to the winners for their own promo purposes.
  • Photographs will be distributed to the media for post-show publicity and will be used in future awards publicity.
  • Your company logo and your company website link will be featured on the dedicated awards page of our websites.
  • Sponsors will remain on the awards website, with traffic being drawn to site via our social media and the nominees, finalists and winners.
  • Regular social media exposure to UK Twitter followers and Facebook fans
  • Feature in our newsletter.
  • All sponsors will benefit from pre-event publicity in all of the awards press releases.
  • All sponsors will be publicised in the post-awards press releases.

Prizes and Goodie Bags:
Donate a Prize – we’re on the lookout for prizes for the awards. Our aim is to provide a prize for each category. If you’re able to donate a suitable prize, you’ll receive a lovely thank you through social media. Please get in touch for more info.

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