The Dragoness’s Den Experience – Lynda Taverner

The brave decision was made back in October 2017. I was heading to The Den!!

I had only recently become a Sole Trader and just starting out on my journey of being self-employed, yet I was feeling brave!!

I spent hours putting together my pitch, it was the first time I had fully put pen to paper regarding my passion for good quality mental health provision in primary schools and for my hope of publishing a newly written concept for healthy parenting.

In time, it came together and as I hovered over the send button I had to trust in what I had written and that the Dragonesses would be able to pick up on my dream.

Nothing else could be done apart from design banners and business cards, create facebook and website pages, oh and wait!

The news finally came through …… I had made the cut and was asked to present to the Dragonesses. I turned up with what felt like everything…and the kitchen sink!! I was ready, no nerves just a quiet confidence in my newly formed business.

By the time I reached The Den I was however on information overload and this was my main reason for entering. I wanted and more importantly needed the voice of just a few and for those voices to be louder than the crowd. The Dragonesses were mere pussy-cats and respectfully listened to what I had to say. I knew my finance plan wasn’t strong and freely admitted I needed help to put it into place. Abi Howell, Sallyanne Rolfe and Charlotte Poole- Graham were clearly interested and full of encouragement throughout my pitch, I could have stayed talking all afternoon but my time was up and other ‘bravehearts’ were waiting in the wings.

Then there was ‘the wait’ with what felt like forever eventually bringing its reward. I’d done it, I was in the final!! With only a few days now to go before Maximise, I settled into the thought of presenting on stage. Not averse to public speaking I was going to be in my element.

Maximise 2017 had arrived. The day progressed with some amazing conversations and the more I talked about Raindancers the more confident I became.

Presentation time… ooh lovely a microphone. My fellow finalist had presented well, then it was my turn. I shared my heart, dropped a few names and loved every minute of it. Then ‘the wait’ all over again!! Completely humbled by the process and acknowledging the privilege of presenting my business I was revealed as the WINNER!! I had gone from attending The Ultimate Business Course during the Summer to winning The Dragonesses Den… totally serial but those precious ‘few voices’ were mine. I’m grateful beyond words and I know 2018 is going to be unbelievable with those that are now journeying with me. Abi Howell, Sallyanne Rolfe, Charlotte Poole- Graham, Jonathan Pfahl, Angela DeSouza, Robin Waite, Eden Chartered Accountants, Women’s Business Club and Client Creations I trust you’re ready for this road trip!!

I can only encourage you to enter this process. It’s focusing, challenging but oh so rewarding and you never know you might just win!!

Lynda Taverner Raindancers Child and Family Mentoring – Winner 2017

Raindancers Child and Family Mentoring