What is Maximise?


If you have ever had any contact at all with the Women’s Business Club you would have heard someone raving about Maximise. So it’s very difficult for us to understand that some people may still no know what it’s all about! Maximise is the highlight of the year for any businesswoman in the UK. At the moment we all meet in one location at the lovely historic Pittville Pump Room in Cheltenham but soon we will be launching Maximise regionally so that we can

Maximise for Members

For a member of the Women’s Business Club Maximise is packed with opportunities. Our members get to know each other online across the country throughout the year or visit each other’s clubs and make new connections, but it’s at Maximise where everyone gets to meet face to face and add the personal touch to those budding relationships.

Only members can be nominated for one of our business awards, so this is an extra special time as we celebrate our successes. Find out more at www.maximise.live/awards

Maximise for Non-Members

Non-members are very welcome to join us at Maximise and participate in everything except entering the awards. Feel free to watch this awards as it’s very exciting. As for the rest, non-members may attend the talks, network, watch the fashion show and enter the Dragoness’ Den.

Maximise for Small Businesses

Small businesses enjoy Maximise for connections opportunities, to sell their products or services through exhibiting and to get fantastic inspiration and education from our guest speakers. Small business stands are only £250 + VAT and we are more than happy to offer a payment plan if that helps make it possible for all small businesses to participate. Find out more about exhibiting here.

Maximise for Medium Businesses and Authors

Medium size businesses typically have a team and come to Maximise not only for themselves to be refreshed but also bring along their team so that they can networking in force and get even more from the day for their company. Silver stands are great for medium-sized businesses to exhibit their products or services as they have a lot more room than other stands and are also in the centre of all the activity. Find out more about exhibiting here.

We also have a dedicated section for anyone wanting to learn more about writing a business book or who are in the process of writing a book and looking for more support. This will also fall under the silver exhibitor category if you wish to exhibit or simply come along and enjoy the talks and peer to peer coaching session.  Find out more about the Author Hub here.

Maximise for Corporates

Our corporate ladies enjoy the day as much as everyone else as our talks, exhibitors and networking is pitched to suit all size businesses and sectors. It’s a great day out of the office for both for the woman and to get the brand out of the office too. Our corporates may exhibit but they also tend to enjoy sponsoring an award both for brand recognition and to give something back to the business community. Find out more about sponsoring here.